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This blog owes its humble beginnings to a general dissatisfaction with the mass-media directed at men.  While modern media immerses us in the idea that consumption and efficiency is the solution to life’s problems and more, this blog will explore a return to traditional values.  The goal of this blog will be to discuss traditional and time-tested products, skills, and more, in an effort to help others to embrace the manly rituals which to our great-grandfathers were second nature, but which to our generation have become a historical curiosity.

Where then have these rituals gone?  Why has scotch been replaced with light beers, cigars with cigarettes, wet shaving with electric shavers, suits with sweatpants, etiquette with abrasiveness?  I’ll leave this question to wiser minds (and perhaps I’ll take a stab at a later date, when I’m feeling brave), and instead use this blog to describe my explorations into these forgotten rituals.  I hope that as I document my pursuit towards gentlemanliness, this blog might become a resource for like-minded men.

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