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[ 19 Jul 2014 | One Comment ]
Meat & Bread

The Hamburger. Hot Dog. Sandwich. The list could go on forever. Our diets are based around this most basic concept of the farmer’s lunch: baked grains with cooked meat, topped with garden vegetables. Simple food made with the best local ingredients.  In one way, shape, or form almost almost all our meals can relate to this idea. Our fast food businesses have bastardized it, food carts have simplified it. Even Michelin star restaurants elaborate on it. It almost always tastes delicious and is very rarely expensive to make.
When summer rolls around usually …

[ 15 Jun 2012 | One Comment ]
The Gentleman’s Cellar: Summer Whites that Last

Red Wine is handy. You put it in your cellar and more than likely it will drink well over at least a few years, if not much longer. It may lose its fruit but will probably develop some appealing secondary flavours which offset the loss. Whites are a bit more delicate proposition. If the wine is a fresh, aromatic white there is risk that a lot of the zesty character that makes it delicious on the patio will fade after a year or two. These wines have often ended up in …

[ 15 Feb 2012 | 2 Comments ]
How to Taste Wine

First of all, I’ve always found it a little preposterous that there could be hard and fast rules for drinking any beverage, even one taken as seriously as wine or whisky. The name of this website would suggest a higher level of pretense to this subject; would a Gentleman sip Chateau Petrus over ice through a straw? I have a bit of a libertarian whisper in my ear saying,” if you can afford it, do whatever you want with it.” The point of these guides has always been to provide …

[ 6 Jan 2012 | No Comments ]
The Gentleman’s Cellar: Traditional Rioja

If there is one wine out there which harkens to an earlier age, a wine truly steeped in tradition, it would have to be the classic wine style of Rioja. One taste of these wines will delight your taste buds in a way that could only be described as timeless; the alluring silkiness, the mysterious spice, the desire for one more sip. While the wines that belong to this old school are definitely receiving lots of new attention as wine drinkers turn away from the overblown styles prevalent not only …

[ 18 Dec 2011 | One Comment ]
Christmas Pudding

As much as we love to label Fruit Cake as the red-headed stepchild of Christmas, when it’s done right it can harken us back to an era of simpler holiday traditions, when spices themselves were a luxury. It is a dessert that reminds us more of shared family times than of overbearing gluttony. Despite being a dessert, it is in truth a simple peasant food that is far from luxury and decadence. Obviously there is plenty of bad fruit cake out there. But in some way shape or form it …

[ 9 Dec 2011 | One Comment ]
The Gentleman’s Cellar: A Rutherglen December

Of the many traditions held dear and near around the Holidays, we all share at least one: Christmas Desserts. Whether the simple sugar cookie, or a more elaborate fruit cake, there is some sort of traditional Christmas sweet we all have grown up with and is essential for our winter festivities. Along with our spike in the intake of baked goods is an inevitable spike in the drinking of dessert wine. Chances are your local shop has already stocked up on Port, Sauternes, and Icewines, among others. We simply don’t drink …