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From The Top

My fellow gentleman, an infraction of great scale has been committed against us. A thievery so heinous that it belongs in contention for crime of the century (Yes, I’ll concede it hasn’t been all that long of one, but enough digression). A conspiracy that seems so pervasive that no man living today has gone unaffected by the detection of  this nefarious thievery.  Though strangely enough a paradox exist, as this larceny is indeed grand, it is oddly coupled with a reaction that has all the ardor of a yawn. It …

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Basking in Fall’s Shine

Oh Summer thou are about to depart, and it’s as if we barely know ye. As you may be aware due in no small part to the rapid decline in temperature, the Season of Fall will soon be upon us, along with its trademark chilly days and dreary color schemes it paints nature with. However, before you concern yourself too much with mourning yet another summer’s passing, cheer up, as for all its faults, fall offers you a fairly generous trade-off, basking in radiant sunshine for basing in the sartorial …

[ 19 Jun 2014 | One Comment ]
A Little Online Tie Shopping with Mitchell Roberts

Have you ever walked out of your favourite clothing store, disappointed about the current selection of patterns and fabrics,wondering where you will find that perfect tie you’re looking for? Maybe the thought of ploughing through the salesmen and mediocre selection of several other stores looms heavily in front of you. Going back to an old standby in the closet may start to seem like a more valuable way to spend your afternoon. There is another option at home though. You can browse the immense selection of ties online from a reputable vendor.
I …

[ 4 Oct 2011 | 4 Comments ]
Shaving Creams vs. Soaps

It’s not a secret that your face will thank you for using better products, especially for the morning shaving ritual.  Everywhere you look, the advantages of traditional wet shaving are being preached.  Shaving brushes, natural aftershaves with botanicals, double edge razors, etc…but what about the shaving cream?  The easy choice is to use a quality shaving cream since that’s what we’re all accustomed to.  And you really can’t go wrong with that decision.   But that “old fashioned” shaving soap popping up everywhere is also a great option.  More confused than …

[ 19 Sep 2011 | 2 Comments ]
The Fall Guy

Such an inconvenient truth that we have to face, although begrudgingly, that summer’s end is upon us; alas face it we must. Gone are the days of extended sunshine, warm weather, and consistently blue skies, unless of course you live a bit farther south of the equator. For the rest of us who are not so fortunate, the fall season has fallen quickly upon us. Instead of wallowing in the gloom of the impending cold temperatures, shorter days, and the premieres of inane reality shows that pass for entertainment in …

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The Gentleman Grant

In taking the slightest of detours today in my article I would like to ask something of you my dear reader. I would like to ask you to imagine with me for a moment a man, but not just any man. One who was both coveted by women and admired by men without the attachment of jealousy or “hating” as it is known as today. One who exemplified what it meant to be a gentleman not only from the clothes he wore but the class with which he carried himself. …